About the Instructor

Katy Hartness, BA, LMBT, is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill (1998) and Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy (2000) in Charlotte, NC.  Katy has been a licensed massage therapist for 18 years and has taught hundreds of massage therapy students in North Carolina and Arizona.  Her career accomplishments include founding treatment clinics in both states, instructing students in accredited college programs, and ultimately becoming the Director of Arizona College’s Massage Therapy Program in 2011.

Currently her time is spent between working in her own practice in Monroe, NC, and teaching licensed massage therapy students continuing education along the east coast.  Katy’s practice in Monroe has been built on word of mouth referral within the community.  It averages a three to five week waiting list for all scheduled treatments, and clients are welcome to book out in advance for their convenience.   She treats 4 to 5 hours a day, Monday through Friday by appointment.  Given her clinic’s rehabilitation focus, Katy inter-refers with Orthopedic Physicians, Physical Therapists and Chiropractors based on her Postural Alignment and Fascial Unwinding techniques.

The three primary events that most inspired Katy to further develop her love of anatomy and physiology include working with Cirque du Soleil performers (Quidam show 2002), a six month study in a post-graduate cadaver lab (2006) and recovering from her own auto accident injuries along the way (1998, 2004, 2007).  The love of the massage field was born from life’s events…  In being inspired by anatomy and physiology teachers, athletes and her own personal recovery, Katy experienced a learning diversity that marked rights of passage within her career.  She evolved out of a myriad of physically trying circumstances and recognized that the silver lining withing the struggle was to be able to identify with and provide hope for many people who endure pain.  Learning through her own trials was a blessing in moving forward towards treating clients, teaching students, and directing and writing curriculum for the educational sector.

Over the years, whether treating clients in a clinical setting or teaching students in the classroom, Katy has witnessed profound transformations in how the human body performs.  Seeing a shift in a person’s movement capabilities and watching one heal towards a better quality of life evokes a mixture of awe, fascination and growth.  Katy considers herself fortunate to provide holistic care in such a hands-on capacity, developing a deeper dedication to the massage field.  In this journey she has come to realize that the body is richly forgiving of lifestyle imbalances and physical misalignment.  Improvement is possible, pain can be lessened, and investing in the body is wise.


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