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1/  Fascial Unwinding–Somatic Reset  (three days, 21 CE)

2/  Postural Alignment of the Spine  (two days, 16 CE)

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Fascial Unwinding–Somatic Reset is a 21 hour CE course taught by Katy Hartness, BA, LMBT:  NCBTMB Approved Provider # 1393, NC # 2633.  Each Fascial Unwinding class is sorted by location and date, so please select the one that works best for you.

Fascial Unwinding is a remarkably effective bodywork modality.  It is gentle for both the client and therapist!   The unwinding process is performed by harnessing each client’s unique pathway of resetting their own connective tissue balance.  Once the therapist has supported a client’s arm, for example, and created a weightless environment for the shoulder, elbow and hand, an “uncoiling” of the bound fascia is performed.  The idea in fascial unwinding is to sink into the client’s lead.  The therapist learns to “listen” to subtle cues in the client’s tissue that orchestrate how to maneuver the misaligned limb and support it as it orients itself back towards alignment.  What is felt is the body’s natural movements towards organizational stability.

When applying  fascial unwinding techniques in a massage session, it becomes possible to release the client’s acute or chronic holding patterns, many of which have resulted in misalignment and consequently faulty biomechanics.  Major components of this therapy include structural shifting of the body and may result in postural changes and emotional release.  The key in grasping the concepts in this class is being willing to combine sharp intuition and humility towards the client’s direction of hitting reset.  Fascia is discussed as a continuous web of connection and permeation.  It is superficial and investing, at the surface, diving deep, and all inextricably connected. 


Learning concepts this class will address:

How to create a safe, weightless environment for the client’s head, neck and appendages

How to sink into the direction of the client’s own unique fascial unwinding patterns

How to reveal long-standing pain patterns and facilitate their resolution

How to artfully blend fascial unwinding into your regular massage therapy sessions




Postural Alignment of the Spine, is a 16 hour CE course taught by Katy Hartness, BA, LMBT:  NCBTMB Approved Provider # 1393, NC # 2633.  Each Postural Alignment class is sorted by location and date, so please select the one that works best for you.

In taking this course, we will discuss and apply hands- on techniques that illustrate why it is fundamentally important to align the vertebral column along the midsagittal plane.   To exist in spinal alignment is to feel balanced, energized, strong and confident when producing any and all movements that come from the core of the body.   When there is equal space for both left and right nerve bundles to branch away from the spinal cord, we can engage in movement much more easily than if one side were impeded by hyper-contracted muscular and fascial tissue.  Questions to ask ourselves:  why are there short-locked muscles that continue to “hold” within and around the core, and why are these restrictions present weeks, months and years beyond a perceived injury?  At what point does “imbalance” become an injury and how and when does an injury within this area finally resolve?

When coping with an injury, the same need exists in all of us:  We hope that someday physical action can happen again easily, as we once remembered it.  We hope that we can engage our skeletal muscles and viscera without a flicker of hesitation; however, whenever a short-locked holding pattern becomes chronic and unrelenting, this hope of regaining easy movement begins to fade.   Postural Alignment of the Spine addresses acute and chronic injuries that impede vascular flow as well as smooth core movement.  The intention in this class is to understand spinal misalignment and seek smart methodologies that will aid in a sound recovery.


Learning concepts this class will address:

How to visually identify and palpate existing paraspinal misalignment / injury

How to get past the muscle splinting that hides the true nature of an injury

How to expose the unresolved pain patterns that lie beneath the muscle guarding

How to continue developing the skills needed to help clients resolve their back / core pain

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